2026 World Cup: allocations, 48 teams, North American joint-hosts, Morocco-Portugal-Spain joint-hosts

By Arman
In May 11, 2017

Paatoop.com- FIFA has announced the allocation of spots for each confederation for the 2026 World Cup.

48 teams will compete in a new format in the 23rd FIFA World Cup, which could be co-hosted by the United States, Mexico, and Canada. However, Morocco has asked Portugal and Spain to come together with the North African nation, so that the three countries can counter-bid the North Americans.

FIFA has allocated each confederation the following amount of spots:

UEFA (Europe): 16 teams
CAF (Africa): 9.5 teams
AFC (Asia): 8.5 teams
CONMEBOL (South America): 6.5 teams
CONCACAF (North and Central America): 6.5 teams
OFC (Oceania): 1.5 teams

As usual, the host of the tournament will automatically qualify, and the share will be subtracted from the total spots allocated for the respective confederation. The half-seats allocated to each confederation signify that the team that sits past the first number for each continent, will have a chance to qualify through inter-continental play-offs against teams from other confederations (that also almost directly qualified). For example, if Gabon finishes as the tenth team in CAF’s WCQ , and Thailand finishes as the ninth team in the AFC’s WCQ, then these two teams may play each other to decide which one of them will make it to the world’s biggest sport tournament. The confederation that is hosting the tournament will also send an extra┬áteam to the play-offs. Of course, the format of inter-continental play-offs is not new, as it has been used for decades, however, it will be slightly different for the 2026 edition.

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