Ricardo Sousa: Jamali can play in Team Melli

By Arman
In September 24, 2016

 Paatoop.com- Ricardo Andre de Pinho Sousa, best known as Ricardo Sousa, is the head coach of Lusitano VRSA. This young coach used to play as an attacking midfielder for such clubs as Porto, Beira Mar, Boavista, and Hannover- just to name a few. We contacted Mr. Sousa for an interview, and he honoured the Iranian football world and shared his thoughts with Paatoop.com:


You started your playing career in Porto. Do you think that playing for such a giant club set the pace for you as a player?

Starting my career in Porto was very important for my future, because there are certain things that other club don’t teach.

Your father Antonio Sousa was also a football player (who played for the Portugal national team). What did he teach you that you couldn’t learn from anyone else?

My father helped me start my career, but we didn’t speak about football much at home. But he did his best to make me become a football player. When we are young, our idol is our father, and I saw him as the best player in the world.

Alireza Jamali and Arash Ostovari are two Iranians who play for your club Lusitano. What was your first impression of them?

I saw videos of both players, and we decided to move forward and sign them. Without a doubt, Jamali can play for the Iranian national team when Mr. Queiroz calls him up. He has so much quality; honestly, I don’t think our club (Lusitano) will keep him for too long, because bigger clubs will come and request him.
Arash needs time to adapt and understand European football. He needs to improve certain things, but with time he will also show his quality.

What are somethings that they can learn by playing in Portugal?

They can learn European football. Portugal is now the top country in the world in terms of selling players to bigger leagues in Europe. So this is a great place to develop- they have to try their luck.

You have a relationship with Iranian legend Vahid Hashemian. Could you tell us about that?

Vahid is a good friend, and I often speak with him. He is a nice person, and understands the meaning of the word “football”.

What do you know about Iranian football?

I know that Iran has a Portuguese coach, and I always want to know what he is doing. Unless Team Melli is playing against Portugal, I want them to win all the time.

How can Iranian football improve and try to reach the level of Portuguese football?

This takes time, and it nees to start from the ground up: this includes lost of schools/academies and the true meaning of football.

If you ever got an offer from an Iranian club, would you accept it?

If the offer appears, then of course I will think about it. And I will contact Vahid so he can help me with my decision.

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