Exclusive interview with Iranian Legionnaire Alireza Jamali

By Arman
In October 15, 2016
547 Views Alireza Jamali is an Iranian footballer who currently plays for Lusitano FC in Portugal. 

Jamali is a versatile footballer who can play several positions, including but not limited to: central midfield, attacking midfielder, and centre forward. He is an Abadan native who played in the ranks of Foolad, Paykan, Pas, Sanat Naft, and Sporting Covilha.

Paatoop conducted an interview with Mr. Jamali to help the Iranian football world become more familiar with this rising star.

You played in Portugal before; what is the difference between Covilha and your current club Lusitano FC?

They are both good clubs with rich histories and great staff. The main difference is that Lusitano is Benfica’s number one delegation, so it is very special to be here.

How is everything at Lusitano?

Great. My couch Mr. Sousa is a great leader and I enjoy working with him. The other coaches and staff of the club are also all very cultured, professional, and welcoming. Right now I am absolutely focusing on football with their help. The facilities are also very high class. Also the Algarve region is stunning; the natural beauty is breathtaking.

Lusitano coach Ricardo Sousa has said that Alireza Jamali is fit for Team Melli. What do you have to say about that?

He is very kind. I am happy to hear my coach say such things about me. It is especially nice to hear such words, because Mr. Sousa was a great player, and is now a great coach. I will work to help Lusitano get promoted this season.


Carlos Queiroz is familiar with you. If you get invited to Team Melli, how will you feel?

I know that Mr. Queiroz follows all legionnaires. Naturally, I would be honoured and delighted to get invited to Team Melli; what better feeling than to make your people happy?

In your opinion, what is the main difference between football in Iran and Portugal?

The main difference is that the infrastructure of our clubs are weak. Over here (in Portugal), even lower division clubs have three or four training fields. In Iran, there are some big clubs that don’t have a proper one.

 In World Cup 2018, what countries would you like Iran to get grouped with?

You have asked a very hard question. What I know is that no matter who we get, we will defend Iran’s name.

Anything else?

I’d like to thank you for your time. And I’d also like to thank all the coaches and people who have helped me in my career so far. And thank you to Iranians everywhere in the world; please keep supporting our football and footballers.


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