The man who saved Iran’s football

By Arman
In October 6, 2016
264 Views On April 4th 2011, Iran’s football changed forever.

The world of football was shocked in early April 2011, when Carlos Queiroz announced that he will take on the role of Iran’s national team head-coach.

This great leader, who previously coached Real Madrid, and who was assistant to Alex Ferguson in Manchester United, saw something in Iran and Iranians, and decided to bless this nation with his experience, intelligence, and diligence.

Before the Portuguese Football General came to Tehran, Iranian football was a mess. Team Melli had failed to qualify for World Cup 2010, and previous coaches such as Ali Daei and Afshin Ghotbi were under public scrutiny.

All and all, Iran was not the feared Asian Powerhouse that it once used to be, and Iranians realized this, and were deeply saddened by it.

However, when Carlos Queiroz took charge of Team Melli, things started to progressively change, and Iran returned to Asian supremacy.

Anyone who watches Team Melli matches, can see the degree of organization that exists today: a level of team-work, intelligent football, stamina, and especially defense, that were all unseen before at such high standard.

Despite many obstacles and problems, whether from the federation or the media, Carlos Queiroz fought for Iran like an Iranian.

He fought for Iran like an Immortal, despite issues such as lack of funding, lack of good friendlies, lack of proper facilities, and the unrealistic expectations of certain people.

Carlos Queiroz brought professionalism to Iranian football, and he is still pushing evermore to take Iran to a European standard.

He made Iranian players believe in themselves. He proved that Iran can be an absolutely tough opponent for any team in the world, even Argentina. And most importantly, he brought joy to the hearts of 80 million Iranians.

He stood up to the Iranian federation, AFC, and even FIFA- all for Iran. He challenged the media to be supportive and constructive, rather than controversial.

After five-and-a-half years as Team Melli’s beloved coach, Carlos Queiroz is leading Iran in another successful World Cup Qualification campaign, and The Cheetahs are looking good in their mission to Russia 2018.

Those of us who have watched Iranian football for long enough know that Carlos Queiroz is by far the best coach that we have ever had. And besides his excellence as a football manager, Mr. Queiroz is a gentleman who is willing to fight for Iran.

On behalf of Iranians everywhere: Thank you Mr. Queiroz! Please keep fighting for us!



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