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Mohammadkhani criticizes Persepolis

By Arman
In August 21, 2015
1199 Views 57-year-old Persepolis and Team Melli legend has some critical words for the current Red roster.

Regarding The Reds’ loss against Zob Ahan, Naser Mohammadkhani said, “I don’t know what the players are thinking. Are they not thinking about their honour? Why are they playing with the fans’ emotions? These results are truly shameful. Why are they not using their chances?”

He added, “In our time, even one missed opportunity would cause the player to not get any sleep at night, but now it’s as if nothing has happened. It seems nothing matters to the players anymore.”

The top scorer of the 1984 Asian Cup added, “When a team losses they try to blame everything on the referee, while they missed endless chances, and when you don’t score, you get scored on. I don’t know what has to be done- a player can’t convert opportunities into goals. I don’t know if it’s their lack of physical preparation or maybe it’s mental. The coach must talk to the players, so that we don’t witness such things.”


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